Adventures in Ebony’s journey to ONEderland

Adventures in Ebony’s journey to ONEderland

                Nope, that is not a typo. I meant to spell the word “wonderland” with one in front of it. For those people who are not hip to the lingo in the diet blog world, “onederland” is the term use to describe the numbers on the scale under 200. For a lot of people who struggle with extensive weight loss, this is a huge milestone. Often meaning the cessation of medication, shopping in retail stores instead of specialty shops (or “fluffy girl fashion” as I call it on my pin board), and a BMI that-while still high-is probably close enough to normal to be considered healthy. This is my goal, and as my last blog stated, I began the journey to get there last week, and I have invited you, the readers of my blog to come along with me on my journey.  Along the way there will be triumphs and setbacks, moments of celebration and tears of frustration, but it is something I want you to be a part of with me because as my friends, you’ll cheer me on, laugh with me, cry with me, and pick me up when I stumble so it doesn’t become a fall.

                Some of you who know me know that I have been an overweight girl almost all my life. Even in that, I still was a relatively active child. I ran, played when I could, but I loved to eat sweet snacks and portions of food larger than I should have been eating. Case in point, when my 4th grade class went to Westville for a field trip, I ate a sausage biscuit, and one of the gingerbread cookies they were making. Then when we went to Burger King for lunch, I ordered a whopper with cheese instead of a kids’ meal. But despite that, and the occasional weight teasing I made it through childhood and adolescence. I had successes in my weight loss over the years, the most significant being my freshman year in college, and 6 years ago. I wasn’t consistent, so the pounds crept back up. Even still, I had dodged the bullets that come with obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, and I was still relatively mobile so while I knew it was bad, I figured when it gone REALLY bad I would know it and fix it. So when my family, friends and coworkers began to express their concerns, I naturally wondered “They’ve seen me walking around here for years, why all the concern NOW?” “What’s their problem” or I dismissed it as nagging or trying to be mean. It wasn’t until I saw how much I weighed that everything came into place. The pain in my knees, lower back and hips, why it was harder to fit into restaurant booths.  They were saying something because-now more than ever- they saw me at the heaviest I have ever been. They were terrified that they were watching me die a painful slow death before their eyes.  My brother saw having to explain to his daughters that “Auntie Ebony” was in Heaven. My mom saw herself going to Catherine’s to buy my burial suit-none of my other dresses would have fit-and making sure there were enough pallbearers to carry me out, if they didn’t decide to just have a graveside service.  And my father, burying his baby. Even now I wonder how I let things get this out of hand. Was I really in that deep of a denial about things, did I not even want to try only to get disappointed again? Could I even lose that much weight without surgery anyway? Whatever the reason, reality and the scale have jolted me into action.  I am now on a journey, and ONEderland is my goal.

                Now my blog will still have posts about other things that I feel the need to write about (pop culture, music, life in general, current events), but from time to time I will post adventures that come on my weight loss journey; great weigh ins, NSV (non-scale victories), milestone losses (20, 30, lb losses),  maybe even a frustrating moment or two.  So, consider this your invitation to share the journey with me.


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