Ebony’s Journey to ONEderland; “Gym Pimps”, “Acceptable Gains” and my first weigh in


                So, last week when I posted I had gone to my first weight watchers meeting, fully embarking on my weight loss journey. I have now been a week into it, and I am proud to report some positive results.  One full week into the program, combined with 5 days in the gym resulted in a weight loss of 7.2 pounds!! Considering this week I ate beef jerky and pickles (which have low values on the WW scale, but are LOADED with sodium) and Mother Nature decided to pay me a visit is I’m thrilled.  I honestly would have been thrilled with any weight loss, but 7 is a great start. I know I won’t always lose that much, but every pound and every ounce will add up until I am at my goal.

                As I said in the beginning, I went to the gym this week 5 times, 3 of which were to go to water aerobics. One of the things I like about LA Fitness is that they have great PM classes for the after work crowd, things like Zumba, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, all different kinds of ways for a person to get fit so they don’t get in a rut. But,I’m starting out slowly and sticking to the pool until I get a better amount of resistance and stamina going. Anyway, as I was leaving the gym I asked one of the front desk receptionists about who they had in the NBA finals, I said OKC-even if they beat my beloved Lakers-in 6, he had OKC in 4. While we were making this small chatter, it happened. I was approached by a “gym pimp”. Now before any personal trainers or fitness advocates flood my blog with hatemail saying I must not be committed to weight loss if I got offended that I was approached, let me clarify. I have no problem with personal trainers, I actually am friends with one and think they provide a great service. The guy I am referring to is a specifically aggressive type of personal trainer who makes the immediate assumption that because I am overweight that A)I have no idea of how big I am B) My self esteem is in such a horrid state that I will gobble up any attention I receive from the opposite sex and C)He can capitalize on B and make money off of me. So in that attitude the gym pimp proceeded to tell me that he could “take me to the promised land” (I thought that’s why Jesus Christ came to earth)and “make me one of his before and after transformations and get me on the sexy tip” ( I do have my share of interested suitors sir, don’t get it twisted) and all I would have to do to begin this amazing transformation is pay him a starter fee of $140 and then $90 a month after that.  When I look at him like he was nuts, he went on and on and on about what he had done with a client and how he could get 150lb off me in about a year (funny, he’s a trainer who doubles as a bariatric surgeon?) and how I needed to get this weight off me because I was limiting the years off my life (NO SHIT Sherlock). But, the final straw was when he asked me what my weight was, on that note, I smiled sweetly, replied “A Lady Never tells” and walked out the door.  This was not the first time that I got hit up by a gym pimp, and surely won’t be the last. But it does help me resolve to show that I can achieve significant gains in fitness working solo. And if not, I’ll hit up a trainer, but TRUST and BELIEVE it won’t be that one.

                I think I’ll conclude this post with some of the patterns I have noticed changes in even in a week. For example, someone at my size is allowed a good amount of points to have daily and still achieve weight loss. Initially that may lead you to think that you can have indulgences in fast food and sweets and still be successful, but I find myself finding more acceptable ways to spend my points than blowing them on a trip to Stevi B’s or Papa John’s, and spend them on something more substantial. For example, Magnum Double Caramel Double Ice Cream bars are one of my favorite deserts, but with a value of 9 points a bar, they are a luxury item (to put that in perspective, I could have 1 cup of rice, a large salad and 1 3-4 oz grilled chicken breast and still not match the point value of the Magnum Bar), and I gotta tell you, there are things I would much rather enjoy, like an 8 oz strip steak, sirloin or ribeye and have a cup of sugar free Jello, so that when I really have to choose an ice cream or an actual meal, the choice will not be so difficult, because I’m already measuring acceptable losses and gains now.

                I thank you for stopping in and reading my tale in this week’s journey. I think from here my ONEderland posts will be when I reach weight loss milestones, or have a setback, but as always you’re welcome to take the journey with me. Until next time.


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