“Ties that bind”…the gift and the curse,

“Ties that bind”…the gift and the curse,

                When you hear the phrase “these are the ties that bind” you often think of images of family, bonding together and united in love and kinship to weather the storms of life, but they are not limited to only family. We as human beings long for companionship and love, we want to connect with people. We want to find people to share our lives with, build our families with, shape our futures with. It is these desires I believe are why we have the ability to form soul ties with people. Some refer to it as kindred spirits, but it is when you find someone in this world that you connect with on a deeper level; usually in the form of marriage, family or sexual intimacy.  When they form in the proper context, it can be the catalyst for a family on the brink to fight for the wayward child they had prepared to bury. It can be what causes a marriage in shambles to buckle down and fight to honor the love they have for each other, and the covenant they made before God.

                But, what happens when you form a tie out of season? What do you do when you feel drawn to a person that you know will bring you nothing but harm? What do you do when someone breaks your heart but even then you still love them with the broken pieces? You see it with a friend or family member, they are plagued with a relationship that haunts them. Despite the warnings seen and unseen, they’re drawn back like a moth to a flame. You make light of it and say that they are “p—- whipped” or “d— notized” when it is deeper than that (Forgive my frankness, but a trip to your local “adult toy store” can scratch that itch). They’re “soul whipped”. They have formed a soul tie with that person, and it is not something that they can “just get over”. They have tried. They walked away, days, weeks, months, maybe even years go by and they live their life as normal….until they see a picture, or hear a song that triggers a memory. From that memory comes the thoughts, the recollections, wondering how they are, what they’re doing, if they’re thinking of you as well. You miss them…you long for them….then you reach out.  The danger of these ties is that more often than not they are not formed in healthy relationships, and what started as love can become manipulation, control or even abuse. In these cases the consequences can be detrimental, even deadly.

                But, even if someone struggles with a soul tie, there is Hope that comes in the salvation of God. Turning it over to him, leaving it in his hands, and turning to Him in those moments of weakness will ensure that deliverance will come. This doesn’t mean you hate the person, or wish them ill. You just love them from a distance. That way you can heal and so can they. And when the time is right, you will bond with the person you are meant to share everything with’ heart, soul, spirit…forever.


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