Requiem for a teacher

                On May 31, 1951 a little girl was born. She went to Jordan High School, and later became a teacher. On Thursday, May 30th of 2014 her body succumbed to a fight against cancer. She was the mother of 2 children, a daughter, cousin, and friend. She was also a dedicated teacher of children. It was in this capacity that I met Mrs. Susan Barbee. I was blessed to have her as my teacher in both kindergarten and 3rd grade. It was there I learned the things that all children learn in school-how to read and write, math, science and History- but she also introduced me to the person of Jesus Christ, and that knowledge of Him led me to the journey of salvation. Bible was one of my favorite classes when I had her because she had a way of making the stories visual and alive. She brought us little surprises on our birthdays, and “just because”. She introduced me to a book that reminds me every time I read it, like just between a Spider and a pig, true friendship can come in the most unexpected of places (and if that friend is a good writer, it’s an extra bonus). In her class I formed friendships with people I still talk to and love almost 3 decades later. She loved her children-both the biological ones, and the ones she taught over the years-, she loved Auburn Football, and-thanks to being a Jordan High Majorette- could twirl a mean baton. She was-and is-one of the teachers I looked to when I made the decision to pursue education and her example of love and Faith is one I look to strive to with my own students. I can recall earlier this year asking some of my K5 classmates about wanting to meet up and take her to lunch, but the timing never ended up being right. And while I am sad I wasn’t able to do that. I know she knows how much we all loved her. And, I’ll be able to make it up to her one day when I see her again. And I’m sure she’ll bring those chocolate chip cookies we all loved. Thank you Mrs. Barbee, I love you.