An open invitation: Can tact come out to play?

Hello everyone,
     There’s someone that I would like you to meet. His name is tact. According to
adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues”
synonyms: diplomacy, tactfulness, sensitivity, understanding, thoughtfulness, consideration, delicacy, discretion, prudence, judiciousness, subtlety.
        Now, people will look at the word “sensitivity” and think I am referring to tact’s less rational cousin, “political correctness”, who doesn’t want anyone to say anything at all. But tact is more than sensitivity, look at the synonyms. Thoughtfulness, consideration, understanding, discretion. Being “PC” is about not saying something for fear of offense. And because we as a society have been told not to say this or tjos word is improper, now we’re just saying what we want, when we want, to who we want. And, where has that gotten us? Friendships ended, relationships damaged because we were tired of being “sensitive” so we stopped being “considerate”. That is where tact comes in. Political correctness stops you before you can speak so in frustration you scream. Tact is how to say it so the dialogue can continue. Another key point to the definition of tact is that it is crucial for difficult discussions. The 2010’s seem to be nothing but a decade of  difficult discussions. And people think the answer is to use the correct terms, but it is not that, it is never been about that. It’s HOW you speak, not what you say when you speak. We have a lot of talking to do as a country, but because we don’t know how to speak and listen, all we’re doing is barking at each other, and bullying and barking at a person has never swayed them to your side. Consider the following:
      How can I believe you want my community to better itself and improve when you refer to members of it as “animals”. ?
      How can I expect you to understand the intersectionality of privilege and prejudice that is unfair to everyone when all I do is tell post news articles basically saying “White people are evil and must be destroyed”?
       How can I feel welcome in your place of worship or to seek the God I hear is so loving when His followers hate me?
      How can I get you to understand that even as an ally, and despite the wounds of the church, to mock and scoff faith is wrong too?
       How can we understand that as a society we won’t see eye to eye on these issues, but that it isn’t the end of the world, and we can all simply agree to disagree peacefully? Because I gotta tell you, “all or nothing” has left us just that, nothing. And that’s ok too. Having remnants of a bygone era is to be expected. And YOU have prejudices, yes YOU. So do I, we all do. You’re not the scum of the earth for it. You just need some education. To treat a difference as a deficit is wrong, but to deny the existence of differences is no better. To let the media feed you a narrative of “racist cops” and “out of control savages” instead of realizing the divisive bias is aimed at getting you to tune in and stay partially informed is wrong. So, I ask you, when it comes to these tough conversations, instead of posting those horrible click bait blog posts by (IMHO) some of the worst journalists on earth. Go to a person, talk to them, ask them questions, and you invite my friend tact to talk with you, you might be surprised at the result.