Ebony’s “Open Letter” series: Cosby Defenders

Ok….Guys, listen to me and hear me out. Look, I loved the Cosby Show growing up like almost everyone else in America, and I was quite disappointed that college wasn’t like “A Different World” was (it may have been if I went to an HBCU, but Hardaway was as close to Bayside High School as you could get, and it was no SBTB). I also know that the American Justice system also has not tipped its scales in favor of her more heavily melinated less wealthy citizens. With ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, I don’t know if any of you know sexual assault victims. I do, and a lot of them don’t ever discuss what happened to them, because of, well, because of how some of you have reacted in this case. They are tired of having their character on trial (“well, why didn’t you call the police”, “That happened so long ago.) We sadly still have this conception in our minds that women have to be bruised, bloodied, with torn clothes for an assault to have occurred.  And maybe some of you are thinking of cases where you said yes after those glasses of wine (or gave a young lady a few drinks to “set the mood). Your inhibitions should not have to be lowered for sexual activity, and if a young lady would refuse your advances sober and lucid, that doesn’t mean you change those states to sleep with her (Which is what Cosby did BY HIS OWN ADMISSION), you didn’t get real consent. That’s why it is called “consensual sex”, because you wanna do it. But, even if the now 60 women are all making this up in some massive smear campaign to extort money or “distract us from the real issues”. This man was married, and when people get married they take these things called vows, where they basically promise in front of God (if they Believe) and their family and friends to do things like love, honor and cherish their future spouse for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death separates them… Another key vow……FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, meaning, you are faithful and only commit to that person. Even if Cosby didn’t violate those women (which I believe he did)….he violated the vows he made to his wife Camille, and to God. Yes he is a succcessful black man, yes, he was “America’s father”, yes he donated millions to colleges, but as we know from history some of our greatest heroes actually were villains in their era. Thomas Jefferson wrote The Constitution, he also raped one of his slaves for decades. Ghandi was a civil rights leader and a believer of Civil Disobedience, he was also racist and a pedophile. Beautiful products can come from horrible producers, and “good” people often do horrible things and use philanthropy to cover it up. And William H. Cosby is not and has NEVER been Dr. Cliff Huxtable, that man was a character on TV. And don’t bring up Woody Allen or Stephen Collins or Charlie Sheen, this isn’t about THEM. And as many a mother has said “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, does that mean you should too?” So because those guys are creeps that gives Cosby a pass? That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. And lastly, think of the women in your life. Your wife, your mother, your daughter, your sister. If this happened to them, would you want them dismissed? Would you want people assuming they’re gold diggers? Would you want people to say they were making it up? I would hope not. Look, if you want to watch all the shows he produced or his old comedy specials, be my guest. But don’t make him the victim here. Because he’s not. If the court of law tries and acquits him in this current case, then it is what it is, and he will be left with the court of public opinion. But, while there are miscarriages of justice for Black men in the court of law, this is not one of them. If you can’t let “Dr. Huxtable” go, fine. But don’t make him the victim here. Save your empathy for people who deserve it.