The Most important project you’ve ever done

Note- My peeps who want a new world order and to tear everything down. Just disregard. It won’t hurt my feelings. I know some people are beyond reach. Their fear of the “other” has turbed to inexcusable hate. They are to be called out and left to God. Note I’m also not saying that people who still need time to process or be afraid or upset expedite that process. This is for the people who are ready to try and make a purple from this red and blue mess.

I tend to use a lot of education metaphors to relate to situations because it is what I do for a living, and there are very few life scenarios that didn’t play out in a classroom before. Take the current national climate. To say we’re not on the same page would be an understatement. And to say we just need to unify is glib. But allow me to present a scenario played out in many a classroom that may help here.

Teachers always hesitate to assign group projects because it never fails that in one of your groups you’ll have two students who hate each other. It was at one point so bad that they couldn’t even be in the same classes together, but now they just sit on opposite sides of the room. ¬†And here they are, having to work together. And no one really knows what started the beef in the first place. So in the beginning, it’s a rocky start, they never talk, and when they do talk they argue. One day it almost gets physical, and you keep the 2 of them after school for detention. When they serve it, you tell them straight up, they’re both about to get a failing grade because they refuse to cooperate, something neither one of them can afford. So, you make them sit and explain where this all started. Turns out (as it usually does in cases like this) there was a person behind the scenes stirring the pot for the sake of drama. Neither side would have done what they did if it wasn’t for her and her nonsense. Both sides apologize, and have a good working relationship for their project. But then, a funny thing happened along the way, The two of them continue to talk, and barriers come down, they continue to work together and as the project develops, so does a friendship. Finally, the day comes where they turn in the project….together. It’s the perfect collaboration of both students input and learning styles, but a new thing into itself. The teacher loves it, and gives them an A. But even better, two kids who never should have been fighting anyway finally become friends.

Now, extend the metaphor to our current political state. We’ve been given a group project, and right now, class tensions are at an all time high because SGA elections were last week. The president ended up being this new kid who was really brash and rude to anyone who wasn’t in FCA. In fact, she basically promised FCA they’d get the best yearbook photo spot, their own parking spaces, and she would tell the principal to allow a member to pray on the morning announcements. There was this cool guy from up north in the running for a while, but no one knew how he was going to pay for the Chick Fil A every Friday he promised, and no one was willing to pay for it on their lunch account. But the main opponent was the girl who had been an SGA officer and vice president before, but the kids felt like she was more of the same, and that fight during her SGA event that ended up on world star wasn’t a good look either. And all these kids are in the same class and obviously, they don’t like each other that much right now. So, the challenge is, working on this project together and sitting down and asking each other, “Why are you beefing with me?” ,and then, address it, apologize and get back to work so we can create an awesome project that’s a mixture of both of us, or else we’re going to fail.